Hi, I'm Gaby Clarke.

I'm a design researcher, designer, and engineer from San Diego, California. I'm a senior at Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Massachusetts pursuing a degree in engineering with a concentration in human-centered design. In the realm of design, I'm currently curious about spaces and things that serve as culture hubs—museums, libraries, public parks, transportationfood, music—and leveraging data to do good in the world. My interests encompass the design of spaces, software user interfaces, user experiences, and generally human-centered design. I recently studied at Parsons Design School in Paris, France as a visiting student to the Art, Media, and Technology department for Spring 2017, and  spent last summer working on organic farms in New England.

In life, I enjoy traveling and learning new things. I have a particular fondness of Southern California weather, good Mexican food, and rock and roll.

You can view my résumé, and you can best reach me at gabyclarke [at] me [dot] com.

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