Residents of Chinatown out enjoying a warm afternoon.

Residents of Chinatown out enjoying a warm afternoon.


Keywords: Design Research, Human-Centered Design, Social Venture


This is an ongoing project for Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship, a joint Babson College and Olin College of Engineering course.  We are currently conducting design and technical research on ways to improve indoor air quality and cardiovascular health in underserved Boston neighborhoods impacted by transportation pollution. In the future, we will be using our findings to develop a sustainable social venture business model.

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Fall 2017 - Spring 2018
Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship
Olin College of Engineering / Babson College
Fall Team: April Chen, Christine Dimke, Scott Hersey, Mimi Kome, Andrew Lidington, Aidan McLaughlin, Caz Nichols, Cesar Santana


Testing interventions

We're testing possible interventions for improving indoor air quality in real Boston homes and collecting data on their effectiveness at reducing indoor UFP concentrations.